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Choosing The Best Shoes For Your Toddlers

Choosing The Best Shoes For Your Toddlers

When it comes to kids and babies, there are a million things to learn. When our daughters were starting to crawl and stand, they were primarily barefoot. But then they start taking those first steps and now you need to buy them their first shoes.

This brings on a whole slew of research and questions. With so many kids shoe brands out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Which features should you be looking for? What makes a high-quality shoe?

Down the rabbit hole we went and we all know how fun that is... 🫣

So we've put together all the research we did. Keep on reading to learn:

  1. What makes a good shoe for toddlers and new walkers
  2. How to choose proper shoes and the right size
  3. Why we love the Falcotto shoe brand and why their line stands out to us as the best toddler shoes

Why Proper Shoes Are So Important

Did you know that their feet lay the foundation for their entire body's structure and movement? Proper foot development lays the groundwork for posture, proper bone and muscle development and overall well being.

Little ones are on their feet all day long and although being barefoot is best for development, there are times when being barefoot is definitely not the safest (*ahem* walking on the sidewalk, playing at the park).

Proper fitting and well-supported shoes not only ensure proper development, but also make sure they are comfortable during playtime so they can focus all their time on exploring and having fun and not on how squished their toes feel. 

Features to Look For in the Best Toddler Shoes

1. Sole of the Shoe

The sole of shoe should be flexible, allowing your little ones feet to bend and move naturally as if they were barefoot. This flexibility supports proper foot movement and muscle development.

You also want the sole of the shoe be durable so it can withstand all of the running around your little ones are doing at this age. Materials like rubber is best and will also provide traction and prevent slipping.

2. Wide Toe Box

The widest part of the foot is the toes and so making sure the shoe has a wide toe box allows room for toes to move around freely, splay naturally and encourages proper balance.

3. Proper Size

Read below to learn how to properly measure your little one's feet to make sue you're ordering the proper shoe size. Reminder: Check your child’s feet approximately every 2-3 months to make sure they have not outgrown their shoes.

4. Soft & Breathable Upper

The upper should be soft, allowing the toes to have proper mobility without restricting them or forcing into an unnatural position to ensure proper foot development. It should also be made of a lightweight and breathable material to keep your little ones comfortable all day long.

5. High Quality

Shoes must be made of high-quality materials so they are built to last through all of the rigorous activities our toddlers are doing.

Materials like leather are strong and also breathable making it a perfect material for toddler shoes.

6. Fashionable

We can pretend all we want but we want to put out little ones in cool, fashionable styles. It may seem like an impossible feat to find high-quality shoes that are best for children’s foot development AND look good but there are brands out there (like our fave Falcotto) that are also trendy and fashionable so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for quality and comfort.

Ordering the right shoe size

It’s hard to believe but children’s feet can grow an average of 2 or 3 sizes each year.

Making sure your little one is wearing the right shoe size is critical for proper foot development and also ensures they are comfortable all day long.

 The biggest struggle? How do you know the right shoe size to order?

1. Measure their feet

Make sure to measure both feet as they can be different sizes and order the larger size.

  • Position your little one's foot on a sheet of paper
  • Draw a line at the back of their heel and another line at the tip of their longest toe
  • Measure the distance between the two lines and add 1.2cm -1.5cm to that measurement

2. Measure at the right time of day

The best time to take a measurement is in the afternoon or evening after they've been active all day and their feet have swelled and lengthened to their full size (this also goes for adults!) If you measure in the morning, it can actually vary by a few millimeters and you could end up ordering a shoe that is too small.

3. Measure often

Remember to check your child’s feet approximately every 2-3 months to make sure they have not outgrown their shoes (pro tip: set a calendar reminder so you don’t forget when you last checked).

Our fave shoe brand: Falcotto


About Falcotto

Falcotto is one of the lines of children’s shoes designed by Falc S.p.A, a leading Italian company in the children's footwear market. Designed for children from 9 months to 3 years, Falcotto is focused on creating the best shoes for your new walkers.

Why we love Falcotto shoes

There are tons of shoe brands out there and we'll get this out of the way now, Falcotto is definitely not a budget friendly option. What makes Falcotto stand out from the rest and make them worth the money is that they are exceptionally high quality (and fashionable).

  • Every Falcotto model is developed from constant research and collaboration with paediatricians and medical experts and are engineered to ensure the healthy development of children’s feet
  • This has earned them the seal of approval of the American Paediatricians Association
  • Their shoes are super cute and perfect for all occasions



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